Breast Cancer Risk Prediction DNA Test

Take early action to reduce your breast cancer risk.

MammoReady™ is a DNA Test done to help you understand your risks of developing breast cancer and plan for a better future.

  • Understand your risk for breast cancer and plan for a better future

  • Personalized insights on lifestyle changes you need to make

Prevent it before it’s too late!

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Breast Cancer Risk Prediction DNA Test

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Did you know that breast cancer early detection has a 98% survival rate?

Source: Cancer Research UK. (2020). Cancer Survival Statistics. Cancer Research UK.

What You'll Get From
MammoReady™ by NalaGenetics

Understand your risk in the next 5 years

Our clinically standardized DNA test calculates your risk of developing breast cancer in the next 5 years.

Most comprehensive genetic-based report

Unveil a comprehensive genetic-based report with three key risk analyses: polygenic, clinical, and monogenic risks. With locally tailored insights, gain invaluable knowledge to make informed decisions about your future health.

The report utilizes a polygenic risk score derived from common genetic variants and provides a score that indicates the likelihood of developing the disease within the next five years.

We factor in clinical risk alongside genetic risk to evaluate individuals. Based on this factor, individuals are grouped into Elevated or Average risk categories.

Certain health conditions can be influenced by various factors, such as genetic mutations. Our comprehensive report considers widely recognized genes, like BRCA1 and BRCA2, which greatly increase your risk of developing certain disease.

Personalized advice on preventive measures

Receive a detailed report with actionable recommendations, to help you take preventive measures and reduce your risk of developing a disease.

Further Explanation Regarding the Report: “What's next?” steps for individuals to make informed decisions about their health and reduce the risk of developing disease.

Our breast cancer risk prediction tool MammoReady™ is  4-9 times more effective at identifying breast cancer  cases compared to traditional BRCA1/2 testing, with a sensitivity of 16.78% versus 1.78%.

Source: TRIP Study

Pre & Post Consultation Support

Pre-Test Consultation: Preparing for Your Journey

Personalized Guidance: Before you even take your test, our genetic counselors are here to guide you. They'll explain the process, what we test for, and answer any questions you may have. This is your opportunity to understand the scope and limitations of the testing, ensuring you're fully informed and comfortable moving forward.

Post-Test Consultation: Understanding and Action

In-Depth Insights: Once your results are ready, you'll have a detailed discussion with our experts. They'll help you understand the nuances of your genetic profile and what it means for your health, wellness, and future.

Trusted by Customers

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Before using MammoReady™, I had never really thought about my breast cancer risk. But when I received my personalized report, it was an eye-opener. It not only gave me a clear understanding of my risk but also provided actionable recommendations. Thanks to MammoReady™, I started regular screenings, and guess what? They caught my early-stage breast cancer. I can't thank MammoReady enough for potentially saving my life!

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MammoReady™ came into my life when I was feeling overwhelmed by the fear of breast cancer. As a high-risk individual, it provided me with a comprehensive assessment of my risk and a tailored plan for prevention. My doctor and I now work together based on the recommendations, and I feel more in control of my health than ever before. It's not just a tool; it's my partner in proactive healthcare.

How to take the test


Confirm your purchase via our website or customer service.


Collect your sample at home with our non-invasive sample collection kit.


Receive your report via the NalaGenetics app within 4-6 weeks.


Schedule online consultation with our health professional and start building your prevention journey with Nala Care.

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