Personalized Medications DNA Test

Ensure prescription efficacy and safety, get the right medications for you.

RxReady™ is a DNA test to personalize your medications to reduce risk of negative side effects and low efficacy from taking the wrong medications.

  • Find out how your body actually processes medications

  • Find out the optimal medications for you

  • Find out the right dosage of medications your body needs

Total of 180+ medications on our panel!

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Personalized Medications DNA Test

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NalaGenetics 360
DNA Test

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Did you know that pharmacogenomics tests can reduce the chance of adverse drug reactions by up to 24%?

Source: Swen, Jesse J., et al. The Lancet 401.10374 (2023): 347-356.

What You'll Get From
RxReady™ by NalaGenetics

Personalized Medication Compatibility

Unlock Your Unique Medications Profile: Understand how your unique genetic makeup affects your response to over 180+ medications. This isn‘t just a test; it‘s a lifelong tool for medication management.

Optimize Your Treatment: Say goodbye to the guesswork. Receive personalized insights on which medications work best for you, reducing the trial and error often associated with finding the right medication.

Detailed Medication Report

Comprehensive Overview: Get a detailed report outlining how your body processes various medications, from everyday painkillers to critical care drugs.

Quick Glance Guide: Alongside the in-depth details, you'll have a quick reference guide to your medication recommendations - perfect for sharing with your healthcare provider.

Actionable, Evidence-Based Recommendations

Clear Guidance: Each report is curated from reputable guidelines, offering you clear and practical medication recommendations.

Ethnicity-Specific Insights: Benefit from scientific evidence tailored to your genetic background, ensuring more accurate and relevant results.

Pre and Post-Test Support

Expert Consultations: Enjoy peace of mind with pre and post-test consultations. Our dedicated team of experts is here to guide you through your results and next steps.

Continuous Support: With post-test consultations, we're with you every step of the way, ensuring you fully understand and can act on your results.

Pre & Post Consultation Support

Pre-Test Consultation: Preparing for Your Journey

Personalized Guidance: Before you even take your test, our genetic counselors are here to guide you. They'll explain the process, what we test for, and answer any questions you may have. This is your opportunity to understand the scope and limitations of the testing, ensuring you're fully informed and comfortable moving forward.

Post-Test Consultation: Understanding and Action

In-Depth Insights: Once your results are ready, you'll have a detailed discussion with our experts. They'll help you understand the nuances of your genetic profile and what it means for your health, wellness, and future.

Trusted by Customers

Fenny Feifei
Fenny Feifei, Breast Cancer Survivor

After 5 years of consuming tamoxifen, surprisingly, all my results came out normal. So, to those who consume long-term medications like me, you can get this test to know whether the medication works effectively in your body as well as the right dosage for your body.

Verawaty, Founder of Urban Athletes

My aunt had to undergo a major surgery. Because she’s already of old age (85 y.o.), I don't want to take any risks. So, I used Nalagenetics’ pharmacogenomic testing so that the risks of surgery in old age can be reduced to a minimum.

Profile Placeholder

I took the Nala PGx test upon recommendation from a friend. I was able to receive the report on time. My doctor was happy to see the report as it was helpful to know that my current medications were aligned with my genetic makeup & in future if there is any addition required the report is available for reference. The report is also available on app, so if I decide to change my doctor, then I can easily show the report on my mobile phone. I feel relieved having this report so handy.

How to take the test


Confirm your purchase via our website or customer service.


Collect your sample at home with our non-invasive sample collection kit.


Receive your report via the NalaGenetics app within 4 - 6 weeks.


Schedule online consultation with our health professional and start building your prevention journey with Nala Care.

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